Welcome to The National Private Hire Association

What's in it for me?

This has always been the number one question asked by anybody
who contacts the National Private Hire Association for the very first time.
So we decided that this website should be dedicated to answering that question, and setting out the benefits of membership - as well as providing some of those benefits for members on-line.

Since its inception 1992 the NPHA has become the leading trade association representing licence holders from all sectors of the industry. As far as the Association is concerned, "private hire" has nothing to do with the plate on the vehicle - it is what the passenger does: hire a vehicle to go from A to B.

So we have private hire members, hackney carriage members, chauffeur/executive members, bus and coach members. Our motto and remit - to raise standards in the trade, both actual and as perceived by the public - is not restricted by type of licence at all. The only requisite for membership is that you hold a licence.

Members can be private hire operators, whose drivers are automatically entitled to member benefits through the company; local private hire and hackney carriage associations, who may affiliate to the NPHA as a group; and individual private hire or hackney carriage drivers.

This website provides a wealth of useful information to members nationwide, and is an invaluable source of research and advice concerning legislation, case law, hackney carriage fares, industry statistics, Government consultations - in short, anything that pertains to the private hire and hackney carriage industry.

New to the trade? Check out our Start-up Notes , designed to assist potential licence holders through the mire of application procedures generally across the country.

Seasoned licence holder? If you're scratching your head over council conundrums, station stirrings, dereg dilemmas, or any other licensing issues, contact the NPHA for assistance and to enquire about membership - further information is available at this site under Application Forms .

The National Private Hire Association: raising standards in the trade, both actual and as perceived by the public.

Why should you join?

  • More money in your pocket
  • More clout with your council
  • More backup when things go pear-shaped
  • More opportunity of being heard and changing things for the better
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